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Smart Home Kenya: The Age of the Smart Home is here.

The Lush Smart Home (Kenya) is considered as the epitome of luxury in today’s tech savvy world where increasingly home automation is almost a prerequisite of top-tier luxury real estate.

The Lush Home owner can control functions such as security access to the home, temperature, lighting using a mobile or other networked device

Luxurious lifestyle acumens such as mobile video security systems & voice activated entertainment systems are almost the norm today.

The Lush Smart Home (Kenya) Features:

Smart Security

You deserve the peace of mind you need. You are not meant to go through your day with unnecessary stress. Getting smart security can help to regain some of your sanity. Connect smart alarms and smart CCTV to your phone and monitor whatever you place under surveillance.

Smart Assistants

These devices create a virtual platform. All your smart devices then connect to it. Smart assistants act as mediators. It helps different products to communicate with each other. It’s the center point of collection for all your smart devices. Sometimes certain smart products don’t work together. Then consider buying a smart assistant and smooth over the communication processes.

Internet of Things

Smart assistants depend on a technology called the Internet of Things (IoT). This essentially means smart devices connect to the internet and to other smart devices.

Voice Control

One of the greatest ways to automate your home is by adding voice control capabilities. Smart homes are ready to perform your every command.

Why Would You Want A Smart Home?


The Lush Smart Home (Kenya) is brilliant at saving money.


Smart homes help to automate your home. This helps to save you lots of time.

Water Savings

Save water and save the bills that come along with it. Doing your part for the future of the planet will actually make your life cheaper too.

The age of the smart home is here

Homes of the Future: The Rise of Smart Homes

The Lush Luxury Home Features