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Equipped with Hacker German Kitchen

German Luxury Kitchen: Pinecare has partnered with Hacker to provide the Best Quality & Design to it’s Customers.

German engineered products are world renowned for their quality and Hacker German Kitchen are no different.

Quality, Functionality, Durability & Design

Since 1898,  Hacker has become the foremost name in luxury kitchen design.

Hacker is globally recognized as a guarantee of quality, style, and functionality, and is the largest independently owned kitchen manufacturer in Germany.

Our modern products are at the cutting edge of German engineering, and are crafted with your comfort in mind.

Why Hacker ?

Our philosophy is simple. We provide our clients with the highest caliber of modern kitchens customized to your personal taste.

From importing and installing all materials to helping you craft a customized design, our world-class team will ensure the process of creating your kitchen is seamless.

Hacker German Kitchen Features:

  • Hacker kitchens are built with soft close drawers, clever corner units, progressive door hinges etc.
  • Everything works beautifully – when you’re buying a new kitchen, you need to know that it’s going to work, that it’s going to be a joy to use.

German Engineered

We are at the forefront of innovative & ergonomic kitchen features such as soft close drawers & space optimising carousel units

Making a kitchen look good is one thing – making it work well is another.

The technology found behind the doors is decisive for a well-tuned kitchen design, whether front pull-out or inside pull-out, it is important that there is a place for everything and that everything is in its place

“The Hacker German kitchen is the heart of the Lush home…

…and such a beautiful and functional space. We entertain a lot at home and the Hacker kitchen, particularly the island is always the focal point.”

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